Your VIP Access to Getting Sh*t Done


What would it look like to have the next 6 months of your business planned out for you? How would it feel to dedicate time to taking all of those things off your brain- while learning about your upcoming astro-cycles and making a self-care plan so it could all feel juicy and sustainable and embodied?


Growing your business is complicated. And it’s also necessary. Having to balance:

  • the beautiful, meaningful work you do, day in and day out
  • the ever-changing landscape of “what works” on social media
  • figuring out what offerings to choose
  • quieting all the voices of self doubt in your mind

The reality of constrained time and resources… means sitting down to actually plan your business so it can be successful AND sustainable can be a significant burden, especially when your time or capacity is already constrained…


What if you didn’t have to figure it out on your own? What if you could get the burden of marketing and content planning off your plate in one day? 


Introducing… the Get Sh*t Done Day. Aka let's go full Virgo.


The plan: one day + you and me = 6 months of celestial strategy for your business. You've read all the books, taking all the courses, listened to all the podcasts about WHAT to do for your business but you still feel stuck?

What if instead of having to learn it and do it yourself, we could do it together? Imagine locking yourself in a cosmic cave for a day with a guide and spiritual bestie who can actually help you!

This is what I do with some of my private mentees and program  graduates and you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you have a productive plan, AND someone to help you through any roadblocks, strategic decisions, or resistance…

I'm giving you REAL tools, all the behind-the-scenes access to anything you might need (think ✅ templates, 📝 scripts, 💻 trainings, 🗂 Notion boards all specifically tailored to what you’re working through that day)


Whatever your goals are, we will of course take my practical magic approach.



  • Prioritize. Let's get focused on cutting out the noise and getting clear on what is actually important.
  • Strategize. Create a clear, completely customized strategy for you and your business.
  • Organize. You know it wouldn't be a Virgo day without getting organized so you can free up space for what you're good at- aka working your magic!
  • Execute. This is where we will actually create the launch plan/content strategy/calendar/SOPs/whatever you are working on.
  • Integrate. A plan on how to integrate all of this expansive becoming with new systems and structures to help you automate any new processes we incorporate.



  • Get unstuck. Figure out everything that may be blocking you from moving forward and get a self-guided energy healing plan to help you move through it all.
  • Map out your personal astrology for the next 6 months so you know your big themes, ideal timelines, soul messages and big obstacles/opportunities and how to navigate them
  • Put together a self care plan of rituals, practices and energetic tools to support you
  • Meditations to listen to over next 6 months as you grow and scale with ease and joy!
  • A mini card reading to help bring it all together while calling in your Highest Self, ancestors, angels and spirit guides for extra support and soulful connection.


All of this will be mapped out in a Notion portal for easy, organized access in one place over the next 6 months- and beyond!


Together, in one day (YES 1) we can: 

 Launch your service-based business for energy healers, readers, coaches who want to start to monetize their gifts 🎁

 Plan and launch your own podcast to help market your business, grow your audience and become a thought leader in your field

 Map out your high-converting sales funnel 💸💸

✅ Create an effective launch plan 🚀 (detailed upcoming launch strategy or long term launch schedule planning)

✅ Conceptualize, design and outline a sales-focused webinar 🤑

 Plan and build out your company’s unique offer suite 🦄

✅ Audit and/or create a scalable business structure 📈

✅ Brainstorm, outline, write and review upcoming copy 📝 (sales copy, launch copy, website copy, or content copy)

✅ Create your simple & high converting content strategy 📆

✅ Business operations and back-end overhaul, team development 👯‍♀️, productivity, time management, calendar optimization, and weekly growth schedule design. I'm challenging you to get a quarter’s worth of work done in ONE DAY

✅ Plan for quick cash injection strategies to boost revenue 💰

✅ Mapping out your launches, retreats and events based on your personal astrology 🍹

Close your eyes, what does your dream life, business, flow, FEEL like?

Okay, open. You still with me? Hold that vision in your mind. Hold that feeling of your DREAM life, the pride swelling in you when you look at what you've accomplished, and the ease of cash endlessly flowing through you.


Now, I'm going to give you the magic formula for exactly how this virgolicious day will launch you into your dream life, business, and flow:



We begin with a 15-minute initial conversation to connect and discuss your work and goals prior to the Get Shit Done Day.



We meet for one hour to further clarify intentions, needs, and pre-work that will support our time together. We will also do an audit & review of your current strategy & systems to set us up for maximum results.



📆 Personalized VIP Day agenda:

On your Get Shit Done Day, we’ll work for two sessions: 10-12:30 + 2-3:30 EDT on the date of your choosing. We take time to break, rest, restore, and reflect in the middle of the day which will fuel our second session together. This takes place via Zoom.

Every Get Shit Done Day client will receive a custom Notion suite of resources as a follow-up, along with 2 weeks of ongoing access to me via Voxer for additional support as you implement what we create.

Any resources, checklists, done-for-you templates that you need to succeed.

Detailed week, month & quarter plans set up in Notion to help you stay focused and productive with what’s next.

Real Tools.

Unfiltered Hype.

Actual Sh*t Getting Done. 

I'm offering this program until the end of 2023! 🥳









I only have capacity for ONE VIP day per quarter, so these WILL fill up fast. Don't procrastinate on this!

Get Sh*t Done Day - VIP Offer


Pay in Full

  • One Easy Payment

Get Sh*t Done Day - VIP Offer


2 Monthly Payments

  • Flexible Payment

Get Sh*t Done Day - VIP Offer


3 Monthly Payments

  • Flexible Payment

My goal: you leave our day together with a clear 6 month “celestial strategy” which you can reuse, repurpose, and re-share, directing your energy away from the stress of figuring out how to market and grow your business so you can instead move forward with fun, freedom, flow and fulfillment with your work.

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