Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel and accelerate your growth using the power of your birth chart?


Have you been craving *more* lately- in your life, relationships, business or the bedroom? 

Have you read all the mystical books, listened to all the astro podcasts and, yes, saved all the #witchtoks but still feel like something isn't clicking on your spiritual path? 

Instead of finding a way forward, instead it's like there are too many tabs open in your brain and you're left just feeling overwhelmed and drained.


Babe, I have been there. 

The thing - the magic ingredient - that got me through was investing in myself and finding a mentor (and supportive) community that saw the real me. 


If this is how you're feeling, you most likely don't need another cookie cutter solution, DIY online course, journal prompt or time to overthink.


You need (celestial) support. 

When you are tapping into your real purpose, potential and a new path, you need help. You are worthy of support.


Your life is enormous.

It's time for you to finally launch that podcast, make that big move, write that book, fall in LOVE with your life.


And you deserve to feel GOOD in it.

My whole mission is to empower change makers and heart-centered baddies to create their most AUTHENTIC dream lives - but also be in their power and pleasure while they do it.


After watching myself (and too many people I respect) burnout and feel stressed, strained and overwhelmed - even by success - I quickly learned: it's not just what you're here to manifest but it's about how you feel while you do it and when you receive it.


I believe you're here to do everything your heart + wild spirit craves. And I know with the right tools you can do it with authenticity, joy, abundance and ease.


It's time to align with your Highest and Hottest Self.


Are you ready? 



What Are People Saying?

"Madi Murphy’s guidance has taught me so much about my soul’s unique mission. Her yummy sweetness paired with cosmic bad b*tchery keeps me motivated to discover my dopeness at deeper levels. She takes the complexity and weight out of astrology so I can integrate what’s needed & thrive!"

"Practical, energetic and fun, Madi has a way of making us all feel held and seen as we make our way through this thing called life.... Sprinkle on some empowerment, self revolution and a whole lot of fun, and that is her work in a nutshell. Would highly recommend her to anyone!"

"Madi’s insights have given me a deeper understanding of myself and a framework for understanding others with greater compassion. I love how she keeps it real and raw - her wisdom and insight are a gift to us all and illuminate how we can better show up for - and create- the world we want to live in.


Now imagine for a second, that one of these gorgeous people is you. What could you accomplish through self-revolution? How would you feel?


If you're finally ready to meet yourself and buckle in for some serious high-vibe evolution...

This is where the Astro Accelerator enters the chat. 


Consider this your Celestial Sprint. Your Mystical Makeover. Your Goddess Glow-Up.



Your chance to quantum leap with a Cosmic Consultant and High Vibe Hype Woman by Your Side!


You need to get into action and see results.

During the laser focus of The Astro Accelerator, I work closely with incredibly talented people like you who are ready to shift their lives and step into their power as true changemakers.

After working with thousands of humans, in both groups and one-on-one, I know what it takes to make your big dream a reality right now.


You deserve to have what you want. 


I designed The Astro Accelerator to help you achieve those desires.

Through my years of 1:1 and group work with hundreds of people, I've learned how to clean out what's holding you back and launch you straight into your Cosmic Zone.

You deserve to live your life on your terms. You don't have to move through life feeling overwhelmed or uninspired. You don't have to walk around feeling like you're the only one who can't figure this out.

What's holding you back isn't your fault, but now is the time to get it out of your way.


You deserve to have what you want. And it's possible. It's time to act BIG and dream BIGGER!


Cosmic Clarity

Gain valuable insight into the power of astrology and how it can help you make informed decisions about your life. Unlock the secret language and superpowers of your birth chart in practical, easy-to-understand terms.

Elevated Guidance

Learn from my 10+ years of astrology studies, shamanism, energy medicine, coaching and entrepreneurial experience. Get real-time, personalized coaching mixed with intuitive downloads. 

High-Vibe Hype

I not only am here to guide you through the process of understanding astrology and its impact on your life... but I'm truly cheering you on every step of the way in a group of like-minded people (who may become your new soul-aligned besties.) 

Next-Level Confidence

Gain the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your life that you can lean on long after our work is over. Become your own authority on what is best for YOU!

Astro Accelerator 6-Week Group Coaching


What you get:

  • LIVE weekly Zoom coaching calls
  • One 1:1 Power Hour Reading with Madi to go over your goals and birth chart 
  • Astro Accelerator Workbook PDF 
  • Voxer group with your Astro Accelerator community
  • Personal Notion to organize all of your notes and resources
  • BONUS: "Cosmic Consultant Hotline", aka 1:1 Voxer and personalized support with Madi during Office Hours